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Dr. Alex

Hello.. and thank you for taking the time to visit my website and showing interest in Wild Dog’s water toy. As a veterinarian, my life’s goal is to help improve and enrich pets’ lives, as well as bringing joy and happiness to their families. Wild Dogs is a result of a combination of both hard work and passion stemming from inspiration from our pup, Nariyana. Nariyana is a rambunctious ball of fur, who loves to chase water hoses! It is an absolute obsession for her! Waving the hose, while she chases after it, is a delight for both of us.

That exuberance inspired me to try to capture that joy in a product for water loving dogs all over the world. After more than a year of intense design and refining, with over 80+ prototypes, the first Wild Dogs water toy was born. I hope it brings you as much pleasure and happiness, as it does our dog for many doggy years to come!

Dr. Alex
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