Frequently Asked Questions

The wild one consists of a single hose design generally designed for smaller single dog houses or houses with lower than normal water pressure. The wild duo is the premier design best suited for larger dogs or houses with multiple dogs that enjoy water.

Generally the hoses are pretty stiff from shipping and manufacturing. You can try flexing them side to side to see if that helps loosen them up. If the hoses are not lifting off the ground then you might have a water pressure issue at your house. The required water pressure to operate each toy is 40 PSI.

Each base comes with an expansion port designed to link up multiple toys to use simultaneously.

Not only designed, but also hand built. As you’re reading this website, I’m likely working in my garage putting these toys together, if I’m not at my day job (I still work as a practicing veterinarian). The design process from start to finish took about 6 months, with approximately 80+ concepts and prototypes to achieve my desired product.

Wild Dogs was generally designed with larger dogs in mind (over 20 pounds), but use your best judgment and see what your wild dog thinks!

Depending on the area that's broken, you might be able to order spare parts, check out our website for more information or email us at

Wild Dogs Water Toys are specifically designed to withstand rough use but are not chew toys. We always recommend monitoring your pets during play, as with anything they chew or break off could be a potential choking obstruction hazard.

Feel free to send us an email at and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

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